Pertubuhan Ibu Bapa Kanak Kanak Keperluan Istimewa Sarawak, or PIBAKAT for short, a non-profit care organization founded in late 80s by a group of desperate parents of children with various disabilities with the guidance and support of the then Pediatricians Dr. Amar-Singh, Dr. Bibiana Teo and a volunteer from UK Ms Lesley Russ, was officially registered in 1990 with an initial membership of about 60. Pibakat was initially called 'Serentak Movement" but later ROS advised to change upon registration.

Founder president, Margaret Tang, knew that parents with children diagnosed with the various disabilities needed the moral support to help them cope with the reality of their children’s conditions.

She should know – her daughter Jennifer, who was about five then, had a physical disability which affected her learning ability and Margaret tried all she could to seek a cure for her daughter,  even to the extent of going all the way to the UK.

Margaret also realized that there other parents like her – alone desolate and helpless, parents who needed some to talk to and to share their concerns, frustrations and fears.



Pibakat Protem & 1st Committee Registered 1988- 1992



Post held

Name of Parent




Dr. Bibiana Teo



Dr. Amar Singh



Ms Lesley Russ



Dr. Siew Hui Fen


Margaret Tang



Joseph Chuo

Vice President


Thomas Huo

Hon. Secretary


Maria Stephens

Asst. Secretary


Alicia Tan



Linda Ong

Asst. Treasurer


Pibakat’s first project was the setting up of a Toy Library on receiving a Canadian grant of RM20,000 in 1992. As it has no official premises, meetings were held at different places including Sarawak General Hospital, Social Welfare Council of Sarawak etc. for almost ten years.

In mid 1999, Pibakat took over the running of Early Intervention Program (EIP) or EIP Centre from the State Welfare Department at a Government Quarters No.3, Jalan Bisayah, off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching, Sarawak. 

In 2003, Pibakat opened two Play Groups for children with special needs age 7 and above. In 2004 EIP and Play Groups combined and renamed the Centre as PDK Pibakat.  In 2006, Pibakat moved to No. 9, Jalan Ridgeway, off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching, Sarawak

In 2008 Pibakat rented a Semi-D house at Lorong Kumpang 4, Jalan Kumpang, off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching, known as Youth and Adults Services (YAS) YAS Pibakat  for youths with special needs with the objectives of:
i)    to provide training for the mild disabled or high functioning individuals to acquire working skills aimed a tapping their potentials to the maximum for total independence;
ii)    to provide an avenue for the severely disabled and their parents to socialize regularly

Four years later, the committee has recently decided to manage these two programs under PDK Pibakat 2.

Pibakat is now having a membership of nearly 300 members. The committee is planning to build a One-Stop Centre to house all programs under one roof of its own. The committee is in the process of applying for a piece of land for this purpose.