Our Vision:  To be a loving, caring and committed Society. (PIBAKAT)

Our Mission Statement: Cater for the needs of children and person with various disabilities.

Our Goals:

1)     Providing quality educations, trainings, rehabilitations and early intervention programs for children, young adult and person diagnosed with various disabilities.

2)     Providing a safe, friendly and hospitable environment for the smooth running of their daily activities at the Centre.

3)     To gain recognition, supports and assistance from various organizations, NGO cooperate bodies, individuals and the general public.

4)     To create awareness and understanding among the general public toward their needs and to reduce the stigma and to encourage the parents to send their children to the Centre through publishing of articles in the local newspaper, video clip presentation, leaflets distribution and setting up of website. Setting up booth at various strategic locations at the shopping malls and to participate in various exhibitions organized by various NGO and agencies.

5)     Establishing a good relationship and understanding among parents, committee members and volunteer workers to enable and to help the Society to achieve their vision.

6)     Establishing a long term programs and to plan for a better management, facilities and premises in order to meet the needs and to cater for a large number of children, young adult and person with special needs registered with PIBAKAT.